Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sloane Feeding Lily

Sloane has taken the initiative to start feeding Lily, our dog. She gets her bowl and walks to the garage door to go get it. We help her by scooping, but she carries it back and places it in Lily's bowl.

She knows this contains Lily's food, but she can't quite unclip the lid, so we have to help with that step.

She gives us the scooper and we gather up the food and put it in Lily's bowl.

Sloane is wearing a different outfit in this picture, because I couldn't get one the other day since we had a little spill. I was too busy trying to take the picture, I didn't realize the bowl was tipping. But as you can see, this is something Sloane loves to do, so I was able to capture her taking the bowl to Lily's stand the next day.

She puts it in Lily's stand with enthusiasm.

She is almost done...

but not before she tells Lily to eat and claps afterward with pride.

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