Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trip to Corpus Christi

The Thomens traveled to Corpus Christi last weekend to visit friends. Jake went fishing with the guys and Sloane and I had girl time poolside! First Sloane took a nap, therefore I got some quality sun time. When she woke up, we both went swimming. I was hoping she would show some excitement or surprise, but she was relaxed as normal. Here you can see that her hair curls when wet.

Sloane's First Swim

After holding Sloane a while, I put her in a float. She was still too small for it so we had to squish two towels around her so she would be more stable in the float. Her she is chillin in the float.

After a day in the sun, we all went to eat at a restaurant where they cooked the fish Jake and the boys caught which was drum and trout. The fish was delicious but there were so many, we couldn't eat it all. Here is a picture of the group. We had a great time in Corpus!

Matt and Bess Swantner, Jake, Shae, and Sloane Thomen, and Austin and Kylie Adamson

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