Wednesday, October 20, 2010

8 Months

Sloane is at a really fun stage right now! She is such a happy baby and keeps developing more and more personality. She still tends to laugh at noises she thinks are funny or the sight of Lily lying nearby, but now she is ticklish too. She will squirm and giggle when you tickle her. Sloane has also become very observant. She knows when you are eating and drinking and wants a sip of whatever you have in your cup. She sees the patterns on fabric or fuzz on the floor and tries to eat them. She notices jewelry and other fun accessories. She also points to things and touches objects with her index finger. Sloane has also developed a bashful side. When someone approaches her, she will shy away. She puts her hands above her head or on her hair and smiles slyly, then turns her face away; it is so cute. She hasn't made many changes in her routines or growth and movement. She isn't crawling yet, although she has got the army crawl and rolling down, and she also hasn't cut a tooth. I can see a hint of where they will be once they emerge, but so far they have not surfaced. She is still a excellent eater; I haven't found anything she doesn't like. She still LOVES her formula. And she is still a great sleeper. She is starting to figure out how to pick up and drink out of her sippy cup, and we are about to start working on Gerber Graduates. She can pick them up, but swallowing them is different for Sloane, and she is not so sure about their texture.

Here are some new things Miss Sloane can do:

*look for a dropped object
*object if you try to take a toy away
*understand "no" (but doesn't always obey it)
*feed self a cracker
*pick up tiny object with thumb and finger

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