Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moment with Daddy

Another one, yes....

The family was all in our bedroom, Jake and Sloane playing on the bed, Lily laying on her bed, and me getting ready since we needed to leave shortly. Jake wanted to take a quick nap, but as you can see Sloane made that difficult. She would stretch her leg as far as it could reach and repeatedly kick Jake in the face meanwhile playing with her crinkly book! Somehow he managed to catch a few zzz's with some intermittent awakenings to scold me for letting Sloane toy with him during his slumber. But instead of moving her, I went to get our camera; it was too funny to let go of this memory! Here is Sloane preoccupied by her book while resting one foot on Jake's face.

She looks at me like, "What's wrong? I'm just chillin."

"Ah, that's much better."
"Now I am going to kick him somewhere else!"

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