Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

Jake's brother Martin K and his wife Ozde were here visiting from London on Halloween so we had a photo shoot dressing Sloane up for the holiday. Here is a picture of Uncle Martin and Aunt Ozde with Sloane!

Jake and Martin both went in to give Sloane a kiss. Such a cute moment!

The family:Jake, Sloane, and me (Shae)

Sloane's official Halloween costume was a UT Longhorn cheerleader outfit. Jake thought it would be nice to try taking her pictures in her costume outside. She started to get fussy when we put her down, but the longer we took pictures, the madder she became. She was especially upset when set her down in the grass; it grew into a full-blown temper tantrum.

This was the final outfit, pajamas. This outfit was a gift from Aunt Brittany. Sloane was alot happier at this point because she had had a bath and was being entertained by her aunt and uncle. Jake and Martin K actually took her to a few houses in her Halloween pajamas. After Sloane went to sleep, the adults played games and watched Fright Night. It was a fun Halloween!

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