Monday, February 21, 2011


Sloane got RSV (respiratory virus) a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately she caught this nasty virus this year and not last, because it can be dangerous for young babies. Basically it is a very bad cold. She had a constantly leaking nose and a horrible cough that hasn't gone away yet. We were lucky that it didn't progress to any wheezing and she was still her happy self throughout even the worst days. As a result of the congestion, we had to take her to urgent care to find out she had a terrible ear infection. We are now on our second type of antibiotic to get rid of it, but I'm afraid we may be back for a third variety. Sloane is still rubbing her ears and having trouble sleeping without the aid of pain reliever. We go for her 1 year appointment next week, and they will check her ears at that time. Here are some pictures of Sloane when she was sick.

This is a picture of happy Sloane in the bathtub.

It turned into a sick face.

Then it turned into a pooping face. Right after I took this picture, I saw gross, green poop behind her in the water. Disgusting!

Sloane was especially sweet while she was sick. She wanted to be held and rocked like when she was younger. We got lots of loving from her.

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