Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 Months

Well today Sloane is 6 months old! We went to see our friend Dr. Dudley this morning and here are her stats. She weighs 14 lbs. 15 oz. which makes her in the 25th percentile. Her length was 27 inches which is the 90th percentile. This has pretty much been the average; her weight is usually 25-50th and length 75-95th. Sounds like we are on track for a tall, thin beauty! Her head circumference measured 42.4 cm, 40th percentile. Dr. Dudley said she is in definitely on track in her development and doing awesome. Next step for Sloane will be introducing vegetables and fruit twice a day.

Here are some of the things Miss Sloane can do at 6 months:

* roll over both ways
* transfer objects from hand to hand
* bear weight when held in standing position
* almost sit with no support (she is close to accomplishing this goal)
* laugh and smile
* notice her bottle and reach for it
* recognizes when others are eating or drinking
* babble (right now it sounds like ba-ba or ma-ma)
* if in the mood she can imitate sounds

She is still sleeping 11-12 hours at night with 2-3 naps during the day although they are getting shorter. She likes her pacifier or sucking her thumb; doesn't seem to have a preference and really only does this when she is sleepy. She also likes to sleep with her little handheld blankets. She eats 7 oz. 4 times a day and cereal once in the afternoon or evening. Now we are going to start eating a variety of things. For enjoyment, she plays on her mat laying on her tummy which she is enjoying more now that it is easier. Sloane also jumps and plays in a stationary jumper, and likes to get in her swing in the evening when I need to start fixing dinner and she wants to be held. She is becoming more interactive these days. She talks when she is playing by herself or when she gets upset. Sloane also touches your face and reaches for other interesting things like hair and jewelry. Her expressions have broadened too. Not only does she smile, but she frowns and pooches out her lips when she is frustrated. She also starts to breath heavy when she gets excited or smiles and then turns her head away shyly. Jake and I are having so much fun watching her grow each day.


  1. Of course she grabs jewelry...I told you before she was born that she was a DIVA!!!
    And as for her going to be a tall, thin beauty...of surprise there...just like her mamma!

  2. i LOVE that photo...can't wait to see Miss Sloane again.