Monday, December 27, 2010

10 Months

Sloane has grown even more mobile this month. She walks around the coffee table and to the other furniture in our living room. She goes for anything withing her reach. She especially loves our laptop, cellphones, and remote controllers. She also likes to crawl over to Lily's bed and water and food bowls. You will see her in the living room playing with her toys, then all of a sudden she is in the kitchen. She hasn't gained much weight or gotten taller, but her teeth are finally coming in. Another tooth came in on the bottom and her top 6 teeth are on there way down; they are huge and bulging out of her gums. We have been giving Sloane alot more finger foods. She loves cheese, bananas, and oranges. She has eaten different pastas like lasagna and maccaroni and cheese. She has also eaten green beans, mashed potatoes, and other squishy vegetables and casseroles. She usually likes whatever we give her, but gets tired of feeding herself after a while. At that point she drops the food over the side of her tray or spits it out in her lap. Either way, Lily is ready to eat the scraps. We are having so much fun watching her learn and grow. She is more like a little person now rather than a baby. Time has gone by so fast!

This picture was taken on December 19th at Sloane's first family Christmas party. She discovered dolls that day, and then got two for Christmas.

Here is what Miss Sloane can do:

* crawls well
* get into a sitting position from stomach
* exchange back-and-forth gestures with you
* play patty-cake (clap hands)
* walk holding on to furniture
* feeds herself using fingers and hands
* searches for hidden objects

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