Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas 2010

This was the start of Christmas. Jake had dressed up with a Santa hat on his head and hovered over Sloane singing, " Ho, ho, ho". She got so scared she started wailing. Then Jake felt so bad he tried to console her while getting ready to go out of town. As you can see she was still unsure of her dad.

We get together with my mother's side of the family every year at Christmas time. This picture shows my grandparents, my mom, my aunts, and all of the great-grandchildren. I took several shots, but this one despite being a little blurry, showed the most happy faces.

Christmas Eve

We went to New Braunfels to spend Christmas Eve with Jan and Tim. Sloane got a doll from Gran Jan and Maw but she was mainly interested in the magnetized pacifier.

Here she is getting a Little People school house. Now she likes to play with the characters. She crawls around the house with one in her hand. She also got a metal shopping cart, but since she isn't walking yet we have not fully assembled it. Sloane will be pushing it around soon though.

Here is Sloane playing with Pancho and Big Al!

Christmas Day

This was Christmas morning at my parents' house. Sloane crawled over to her toys and first picked out a dog that she will be able to pull with a string. She also got a kitchen that lights up and sings, and lots of other toys.

Here she is with her doll. She liked the eyes because they flutter open and shut.

Jake and I gave Sloane this bath toy since she loves running water and bathtime. It pulls up water and pours it out of the spout. There are cups with various holes to put in the holder. She has figured out the face if pushed in will turn it on and off. She has fun with it!

It was a great Christmas with our new addition to the family!

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