Friday, June 3, 2011

15 Months

Sloane went for her 15 month appointment recently (when I started this post, now she is 16 months) . She weighed 20 lbs. 8 oz. which put her in the 15 percentile, but she is 31.5 inches tall and in the 80th percentile. We knew she had hit a growth spurt, because now she can retrieve objects that were once out of her reach like our key dish. She loves to get our cell phones or keys from that table and run away with them. Her head circumference was in the 45th percentile at 46 cm. She still only has 6 teeth, 4 on top and two on bottom. She still sleeps about 11-12 hours each night with one 2 hour nap a day which could be either the morning or afternoon depending on our schedule for that day. She loves to eat fruit and anything sweet, however she's not so interested in most vegetables. Dinnertime is usually very frustrating, but her doctor assured me Sloane is not considered a picky eater. The doctor said she didn't see any coming in either.

Sloane has really progressed in her speech. She mimicks words and has starting to speak 2-syllable words, "dog" went to "doggy". She loves books too, and will bring one to you, sit in your lap expecting you to immediately start reading to her despite whatever other engagement you are involved. She especially likes to do so when Jake is playing video games! Sloane has become a daddy's girl lately, so she tends to go toward him alot. She also loves to watch Sesame Street, it is the only show that sustains her interest and attention. She says Cookie and Elmo, but pronounces it "Melmo". She is stiving for more independence now wanting to go down stairs and try eating with utensils, and has become more mischievous too. As I mentioned earlier, Sloane will get something she knows she isn't supposed to, like our keys or the TV remote, then run away with it. She has even figured out that corners make good places to hide! She goes back to the doctor at 18 months.

Here are some things Miss Sloane can do:
*says 3-6 words
*points to body parts: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, toes, hair
*understand some simple commands: get your book, get your drink
*recognizes herself in mirrors
*indicates what she wants by pulling, pointing, and grunting

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