Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We had celebrated Easter with both families, were with mine on Easter Sunday. My sister was visiting since she was displaced from Japan, so we had a full feast. Here are some pictures of Sloane's egg hunt.
Sloane with Nana and Pops

Sloane and
Aunt Brittany

She was good at
pointing to the eggs,
but she needed some
help finding them.

Sloane had fun picking up the eggs, but she wanted to hold on to them. When she found another egg, then she would put the first in her basket and hold the newly retrieved prize egg. She liked to shake them. Hunting for eggs was so much fun!

At some point, she tired of looking for eggs and realized their were actually goodies inside of them. She stopped walking around, sat down, and dove in! Here you see her new pouty face. These days she gets sassy at times and furrows her brows at us. She did it to my sister alot!

Sloane with Daddy
She was getting tired at this point, but kept on eating her treats!

Sloane with Mommy

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