Sunday, May 8, 2011

Splish, Splash

Jake bought Sloane a blow-up pool, and today we tried it out. She loved it even though the water was super cold. Jake even tried to add hot water, but that didn't help at all. He was still a trooper and got in with her. They had fun in the pool, while I enjoyed sitting in a chair watching them!

This was my favorite picture from her pool experience. She was so excited,
she was yelling and squealing with delight!

Jake is gearing up to get in with her. She is just thrilled to splash in the water.

She liked to peer over the edge of the pool, but I thought her
bottom was so cute I had to take a picture.

Daddy and Sloane

Here she is again looking over the ledge. Lily, our dog, has placed
her ball in front of them hoping someone will throw it for her.

Sloane is hugging Jake in the pool, but I also wanted to capture our backyard. Recently my husband ripped out all of the bamboo from the left side of the expanse and laid sod. It was grueling and tedious, but if you've seen our yard before you will understand the remarkable difference. It looks amazing in comparison. Now we must work on our fence.

I did help out by supplying towels and drying off Sloane. She is still happy!

Sloane's kisses are open-mouth, wet but sweet!

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