Saturday, May 7, 2011

Recipe of the Week: German Hot Dog

The Food Network Magazine for June 2011 had an article for World-Class Hot Dogs. My husband saw the picture of the hot dog on the cover and browsed the article. Later when we went to the grocery store, uncharacteristically he started looking for sauerkraut. Apparently the article inspired him to try the German Hot Dog.

German Hot Dog

German mustard + saurkraut + pretzels =

From my experience: Even though we had the pretzels, Jake forgot them on his dog. He also used spicy brown mustard since that's what we had. Jake had never had saurkraut on his hot dog, and he liked it. I had to use this recipe for my blog since this was an inspired food experiment done by my husband; he was so enthusiastic about it, he even took the picture! In case you were wondering, I didn't get creative with my hotdog, just mustard for me. We served our dogs with grilled romaine lettuce drizzled with green goddess dressing; this was another super first for us! Enjoy!

Here are some other interesting combinations:

* hoison sauce + pineapple + scallions = Polynesian Hot Dog

* wasabi mayonnaise + Asian snack mix + pickled ginger = Japanese Hot Dog
(for you Brittany!)

* chipotle mayonnaise + cotija cheese + avocado = Mexican Hot Dog

* barbecue sauce + pulled pork + coleslaw = American Hot Dog

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