Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day! Hope all you mommas had a blessed day. Mine was fabulous! This morning my husband let me sleep in while he took care of Sloane. When I woke, coffee and a present awaited. One of my gifts was a James Avery charm of baby booties to symbolize the birth of Sloane. I am going to have her name and birthdate engraved on it, then add it to my charm bracelet. After we all got ready, we ventured to Jake's grandparents for brunch with his family. Here are pictures of our great morning!

Me, Pappa T, Gran Jan, Jake, Sloane, and Maw

Jake and his mom

Paw kissing Sloane
while she finished
her breakfast

Trent, Maw, Sammy, and Grady

Craig, Kip, Zach,
and Maw

Maw and Paw

Sloane had so much fun exploring the open, outdoor area where we at breakfast. She walked everywhere possible. Jake and I were exhausted by the time we left from chasing her around.

Gran Jan gave Sloane her cell phone to play with, and she starting pretending to talk on the phone. I knew this would happen at some point, but I am surprised she picked up on it so fast.

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