Sunday, May 8, 2011

First Monday

When my sister was in town, we took a trip to Fort Worth to see family and go to First Monday, which is a huge flea market in Canton, Tx. Here are a few pics from our day.

It was unexpectedly cold that day, so we bundled up as best as possible. My Aunt Sharon had just had knee surgery, so we pushed her around in a borrowed wheel chair from my Papa. Here they were getting a fried pie!

My sister and I opted for a corn dog or as we called them "corny dogs" for our mid-morning snack. We did a lot of good eating that day. For lunch we had barbecue baked potatoes and homemade tater chips with ketchup. Later on we had fried pickles, then before we left kettle popcorn. Told ya, good eating!

Here is Sloane begging for some food! She wanted to enjoy all the fried goodies too!

We all found unique things at the market. This is a picture of my biggest purchase. They are wooden, black blocks with pictures glued to them, then modge podged to seal. Now they sit on our mantle. Below is the company website and contact information if you are interested.
triciaglasgow@gmail. (325)338-9731

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